Your an Outcast Angel! These angels were once upon a time, very loved, and of the highest ranks of all the angels. But, when something terrible happened in their lives, much like the dark-angels, the outcats leave the heavens and move down to earth. Out cats angel are not nessearily evil. In fact, they are quite kind, but filled with greif and guilt unimaginable. Outcast angels are usually formed when they have failed something, and ridden with guilt, they are banned out of heaven, sent down to earth, and live alone. They are always quite and sad, and rarely contact with humans. If a huam befriends an outcast angel, they have a friend for life.


You have Purple Wings! Lost and Confused, when your wings are purple, its difficult to see ahead because the fog is clouding your vision. You can never decide easily, and even the simplest choices are difficult to take. A quite, kind person, you have a very sharp mind and can do anything if you set your mind to it. But something probably very sad happened in your life, and now, you question anything. Lost in your trance and afraid to peak outside your box, right now your life is very frustrating. But, dont forget this very important thing: Purple is made from blue and red, and with just a little bit of pushing, you can go back.


You have a heartsick soul! Youre the type of girl who always has a crush and is writing their name on all your books. You are a hopeless romantic. Waiting for that prince charming, you take love seriously, but still play any chance you get. You can have a lot if boys who are friends, but waiting for that perfect boyfriend. Sometimes you are discouraged because there are no sparks but even if the smallest thing happens, youre on Cloud 9. You believe in true love and wait for it. Just dont be afraid to take a chance. Love is all about risks.


Your a water Dragon! Congrats! Like ice dragons, you are extremly powerful, but show it more often. You are a leader, and like to speak your opinion. AND, you are charming, swift, and great at dancing, ou enjoy getting stuck in the rain, playing with friends, and swimming anywhere! Wat-ER you wating for?


Your an Angel. Well, you may have predicted this or not, but these angels are not the ones you see on TV. They do not serve god or any higher power. Angels are floating spirits, fallen spirits, who are the immortal. They which to be like humans. To have all senseses and the joy of life, which makes them a jelous type. Angels repserent sorrow, sadness, greif, death, rain, purity, air, and vengence. Angels cannot harm anything, yet the presence of one is always felt. Angels can be male or female, and have long black or white feathered wings and no clothes. Good luck.


Your a playful unicorn! Wow, you must like games very much. All playful unicorns live near oceans or lakes and are all open to humans and other cretures. Playful unicorns tend to like to play alot with any human or animal, but quite frankly, most of the time, thats all they do. Playful unicorns are very nice and kind, and always like to help. Sometimes they tend to be lazy, but who doesnt? Playful unicorns horns, if drank from, can detect poison and turn green. All playful unicorns, unlike other unicorns, know the human speech very well, and always seem to stay in the phase of a child.

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